Ferret v0.8.2

Hot fixes

August 5, 2019 by Tim Voronov

Another portion of hot fixes has arrived!

v0.8.2 release brings some critical fixes.

Scrolling position is not centered

In 0.8, we introduced a new behavior for all user interactions. Before any actions like clicking ot typing, we scroll into a target element making it visible in a viewport. But the logic behind it, positioned elements on the top of the viewport, which led to some issues on some websites due to their markup - the elements were still invisible because they were under other elements.

Unable to set custom logger fields

This is a small fix/improvement for internal logger. There was no way to set a specific id for an execution. It makes it difficult to track script execution in embedded scenarios when you have a request id.
Now you can add as many fields as you want to the logger, thanks to Zerologger.

Invalid parent used for INNER_TEXT, INNER_HTML and friends

This is another issue that was triggered by internal refactoring. A new mechanism for retrieving inner HTML and text by selectors used document for all element look ups instead of a given parent element.

Unable to set custom headers

There was an error occuring whenever you pass values to headers object.

As always, if you find any new issues, please report.