Ferret v0.8.1

Hot fixes

July 26, 2019 by Tim Voronov

With all big features, come small bugs. :)

With this new v0.8.1 release we are providing hot fixes for some of these small ones.

Broken CLICK function

In 0.7 CLICK and CLICK_ALL functions were doing a check before clicking and was returning a boolean value indicating whether a target element was clicked. In 0.8 this logic got broken due to internal refactorings and the check was not performed which led to broken scripts using this returned value.

Scroll jumps

In 0.8, we introduct new interaction behavior with forms. Everytime you want to INPUT or CLICK Ferret would scroll into a target element before the operation. Unfortunately, we didn’t add any checks whether the element is in a viewport, which caused weird page jumps.

Not that bad so far! If you find any new issues, please report.